Monday, June 28, 2010

Gun Show Vikings

A good friend and I worked a local gun show on Saturday – I did it primarily to sell my book and he did it to sell gear. Neither one of us had ever worked a show before although we had of course been to many over the years. We both made some money, got to spend the day together, and got to visit with several Vikings who dropped by so it was a good day.

Truth be told, I had not been to a gun show in quite some time. I’m not a “gun guy” although I have some and consider them useful tools I just do not need a big collection of them. But when I went in the past, I did enjoy it – I like people watching and I usually picked up a few things and got to speak with like-minded folks.

Being on the other side of the table is very interesting. First off, you see everybody. Most are normal people but there are some characters that attend. One thing I found amusing? disturbing? was the number of apparently angry men walking around. I mean c’mon! They obviously were out of the house, surrounded by people who like what they like, probably had some money in their pocket – what’s to be angry about? It was weird. They were not angry at me – they were just angry – you could see it. If they were angry there I can just imagine what they must be like at work…

I met some cool couples and possibly got a start on a couple new friendships with folks who live in my area.

I’m not really a salesman so I was experimenting with different tactics to sell the book. One was to engage folks in conversation and say, “So, you probably have a few guns and some ammo at home – how are you set for chow?”

I had a few people tell me they didn’t need to stock up food because they had guns and ammo – and I think they meant it. Had one fellah tell me, “I am prepared – I have an AK and will just shoot deer.”

I asked him if he was a hunter and he replied, “No, but there are a lot of deer.”

Further conversation revealed that he basically had an AK and an attitude and that was about it.

Ya know, I speak “Good Ol’ Boy” and can recognize one even if he’s dressed in a coat and tie.

I speak “High Speed Operator” and can recognize one of them even if they are in shorts and sandals.

This guy was neither. He was some Urbanite with an AK and thought he had it licked. He won’t last two weeks…

Another thing that interested me was this: About half way through the show, I started missing my church. The people who attend it. I thought to myself, “that’s weird…” Now, lately I have been trying to be more contemplative, more introspective and so when I “feel” something I try to unpack it and have a look at it – see why I feel like I do.

I’ll tell ya what I concluded: despite my many sins, I am starting to walk closer with God. And I am surrounded for the most part, day to day, by other Christians. But in the show – no, I was not surrounded by many Christians. I was definitely in The World. I was out of my element – the environment I have become used to. And I could feel it. There were a LOT of people walking around with a big hole in their life. A hole they were trying to fill with yet another gun or yet another accessory. I felt sad for them. I felt powerless to engage them on the important issues - to witness to them. I really felt a bit overwhelmed. Which is ironic but that is another story... I felt like I needed to be with my Brothers and Sisters to get recharged.

Guys and Gals – this is a preparedness oriented blog. A survival blog.

Guns are important. They may be vital for your survival.
Preparedness is important – I wrote a book on it. I wrote the book to help and to inspire folks.
Physical survival is “important” – I obviously get that.

But eternal survival is a lot more important.

If you have not yet come to Jesus I encourage you to do so.
Time is short.

Do you know what He said about this?
Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. Revelation 3:20

Not what you expected from a blog entry on a gun show, I know.
It was not what I expected either.

I’ll see ya out there.

If you have any comments I’d love to hear them.
If they really interest me, I may even post them.
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At 28/6/10 19:36, Blogger Representative said...

I love this post. I enjoy your blog very much.

At 28/6/10 19:40, Blogger Groundhog said...

I think you have really hit upon the ultimate "preparedness" tool here. I mean, what's not to like about following someone who says "My burden is easy and my yolk is light."? Good post.

At 29/6/10 08:26, Blogger Don said...

WELL written and a great message! I have to agree with everything you have written!

At 2/7/10 18:54, Blogger Scout_19Delta said...

Great post. My wife and I met you and had a great conversation. We hope to be able to attend your church this Sunday. I'll PM you for the details. Again, it was very nice to meet you and hope to see you soon.


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