Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Tribolt - "Supplies, Knowledge, Experience"

We at Viking Services LLC have changed our logo.

The original symbol on the shield was the Viking rune - Algiz.
I thought it was striking.
But I was constantly asked, “What’s with the broken cross?”

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time you should fully realize that I am a Christian. When asked this question about the symbolism, I would invariably reply with words to the effect of:

It is not a broken cross - it is a Viking rune. The Vikings used runes as a system of writing.
Specifically, it is called the Algiz.
It pre-dates the Christian cross and has nothing to do with the Cross.
It is the rune for protection and preparedness.
Therefore, I find it very appropriate for Viking Preparedness LLC.

Now, I am fully aware that some Wiccans use runes.
I am fully aware that White Supremacists use runes.
For all I know, aliens use runes.
Okay, fine. I will not let others' use of runes keep me from doing so.

And I don't "use" runes. I don't cast them to foretell fortunes or anything else.
As far as I am concerned, as far as Viking Preparedness LLC is concerned - it is simply what it is: A symbol of preparedness and protection.

Alas, Despite my explanations to the contrary - it just became a stumbling block to some Christians.

Let us not therefore judge one another any more: but judge this rather, that no man put a stumblingblock or an occasion to fall in his brother's way. - Romans 14:13

So, after some prayerful reflection, we put the most excellent Viking Services LLC Graphic Arts Division on it and viola! We have a new logo.

Some of you in the know may think the Tribolt stands for "Land, Sea, and Air" but you would be mistaken.

It stands for the three aspects of preparedness as preached by well, me:


One can go out and buy all the supplies in the world, but without the knowledge to properly use them - they won't help much.

One can have all the book (and Internet) knowledge in the world (to go with those supplies) but without experience they won't be all that useful.

Experience - the intangible that comes from getting out and doing stuff - this is what will allow supplies and knowledge to be maximized.

All three together make a pretty good start on Preparedness.

We have not and will not “deregister” the old logo and someday, who knows? We may use it again. But for now – all hail the new logo – the Viking Tribolt!

And those of us with merchandise containing the old logo – how cool is that? We now have “old school” merch!

I’ll see ya out there.

But take heed lest by any means this liberty of yours become a stumblingblock to them that are weak. - 1 Corinthians 8:9


If you have any comments I’d love to hear them.
If they really interest me, I may even post them.
You can reach me at Joe

You can also join us to discuss this and other issues at Viking Preparedness Forums

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At 6/3/10 14:54, Blogger Suburban Survivalist said...

Unfortunately, the Nazis also used the rune. I've seen a triangle shaped pin, black with the rune in red and a small swastika in the center, with something about "women's work" (in German) on it. I imagine that's why some supremacists would use it now.

Along those lines, Asian Buddhists still use the swastika, although usually a reverse of the sort used by the Nazis.

It's too bad a lot of folks can't get around the misuses of something like a rune.

But the new symbol is good as well.

At 14/3/10 14:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The nazis/white supremacists using runes is a huge problem here in Scandinavia. For example, Swedens biggest national socialist organization uses your old logo... The only answer is to "take them back". The vikings travelled far and intermingeled with many cultures. My guess is they judged caracter, not color. Nice logo, the new one...

At 30/3/10 12:11, Blogger Perkunas said...

Oh man,doesnt that stench...i mean that you have to be so concerned and worried about meanings of different symbols.been there too pal.

if youd be here,showing off three lightning bolts,im sure youd be linked to white supremacist as in some groups,three lightningbolts are seen as triple S letters,of nazi SS insignia....and they also are seen here as hidden triskelons in some eyes,representing about same ideology too,as white supremacista and those are used here my strangely,by both,satanic groups as well as hardcore right wing crristians....its a mess :),but hey thats just life,you cant just keep everyone happy 24-7.
I use Algiz in various items,in my knives and such and i always get some questions about nazi sympathies...and i do NOT sympathise those.I my self am not-believer,i dont believe in any religion and i believe in freedom ofreligion as long as no one gets hurt in name of any cross or beliefs,but i am interested in our ancestors work and my in my veins i have norwegian blood,so maybe tat way i am interested in old scandinavian mythology and i have just liked the "tree of life"/algiz symbol....not more.....

take care there,let others believe what they want,im sure youll get along just fine with any logo in any case.

Keeping the thumps up !

At 27/7/10 23:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What was wrong with the old symbol?? I don't get it. An old SF guy would be the LAST person on this earth I'd expect to succumb to "what others think"... "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." was a phrase I always though the people here lived by. What's goin' on 'round here these days??


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