Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Available Now!

Soon you will have the opportunity to be the first on your block to own a copy of Survivalist Family. [Edit: it is available now]

Survivalist Family
by Joe Fox
Are you and yours prepared for what is coming down the pike?

How well would you do as a family if there was an electro-magnectic pulse that knocked out power over the entire country?

Would you be able to provide for your family in times of chaos caused by war, nature, or economic turmoil?

Are you prepared for a future pandemic?

Survivalist Family will show you how to ensure you and your loved ones come through to the other side of what waits.

You simply must have this book.

Written by Joe Fox of Viking Services LLC and www.vikingpreparedness.com.

Joe has been living the preparedness lifestyle since he was a child, and now teaches men, women and children all over the country to prepare and survive. A former Special Forces officer and SERE instructor, Joe will impart knowledge you just cannot get anywhere else.

Buy this book and Survive!

Stay tuned for more information on where to buy this upcoming book.
[Edit: it is available now Survivalist Family and at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc]
Excerpt from the recently released Survivalist Family by Joe Fox:

Just what IS a "survivalist family"?

I suppose some people shudder at the very thought! Watch enough television and you'll see that the media's version of a survivalist family is a dirty, ignorant clan living in a remote ramshackle log cabin. It will consist of a fat, bearded, camouflage-wearing, tobacco chewing, over domineering misogynist running roughshod over his cowering mouse of a wife who is trying to raise filthy little barefoot ragamuffins who run around spouting racist right-wing propaganda they picked up from "Pa".

Well, who would want to read about THAT? Certainly not you. Instead of "survivalist family" we could say "prepared family" or talk about "family preparedness" but that is just so politically correct it makes me gag. Just because the media don't like survivalists and therefore vilify them does not mean we have to change our language. For our purposes, the Survivalist Family is defined as, "A multi-generational group of people living in one house (usually consisting of a father, mother and their offspring) who take positive steps as a cohesive group to prepare for possible future negative situations and circumstances beyond their control."

We say "multi-generational" because if it's a man and a woman they are really a couple - not a family in the truest sense of the word. It's actually easier for a couple to prepare than a family. Just because a family in our definition usually consists of a father, mother and children does not mean that a single mom with two boys is not a family - they are. I said "usually". So do not get hung up on people - focus on what they do. They take positive steps to prepare as a group for future bad times.

Where do Survivalist Families live? Everywhere - in city apartments, in suburban split-levels, in country farm houses and yes, even in remote log cabins surrounded by deep, dark woods.

What kinds of jobs do Mom and Dad have? Every kind imaginable - Dad could be senior geologist for the Department of Agriculture, a grocer, a mechanic, or a computer programmer. Mom could be a nuclear scientist, a secretary or a stay-at-home-mom.

In a nutshell - they are average, every-day American families who have taken the decision to prepare for emergencies. The level to which they prepare varies greatly and is not always obvious. You probably have some Survivalist Families in your neighborhood and do not even realize it.

Most are not very forthcoming about their preparations. One reason is fear of being labeled a "survivalist" and having friends and neighbors think them kooky. Some fear that when bad times come, their family could be at risk if others knew of their preparations. Someone who failed to prepare may try to take what they have or the government may requisition their supplies or any of a myriad of other reasons.
©2009 Joe Fox


At 27/4/10 09:12, Blogger Randall E. Johnson said...

I can't wait to get my hands on this book. I had the privilege of of looking at a digital copy of this book and it is packed with useful information. The thing I like about it most is that it is practical and Joe keeps the book practical and useful and doesn't "get weird". I love the book, it is perfect and is one of those books that should be in anyone library that is serious about being prepared for the very clear probability of what our future will bring. So many possible things and this books covers all the possibilities that come to mind. Thank you Joe great book. Hope you sell a million.

At 1/5/10 07:33, Blogger Carlos L. Martillo said...

Will this be available om Amazon? Thats where I buy a lot of books, just makes life easier. Looking forward to release date; keep up the good work.

At 1/5/10 19:30, Blogger Joe said...

It WILL be available on Amazon - and Borders, and every other major outlet. It will also be available on www.survivalistfamily.com where you can have it autographed - I need to get my webmaster to set up the paypal links and we will be rockin'!
Two weeks max until it is out , I'm thinking. I approved the hard copy proof on Friday.

At 5/5/10 18:30, Blogger Karen Stark said...

VERY exciting, Joe! Looking forward to it--

At 4/6/10 08:44, Blogger Anonymous said...

Love the picture!

Three guns, no food.

At 4/6/10 08:50, Blogger Joe said...

No food?
No food?!!
C'mon now - there are two buckets of food and a case of MREs. Plus I suspect the BoBs contained food as did the Tote bin.

It is an "interesting" picture though, isn't it? :)

At 22/6/10 04:30, Blogger Alexey Tigarev said...

How to purchase the book if I am outside the USA? I'm in Ukraine. How much the shipment cost is expected to be?

At 22/6/10 05:00, Blogger Joe said...

Send me an email ( joe@vikingpreparedness.com ) with your address and I'll check on postage.

Because you are the first customer from Ukraine I'll cover $5 of additional postage (I'll pay the first $5 of any additional postage) - that will likely cover it.

At 18/8/11 17:37, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Joe it's Buckshot wanted top let you know about my new project..

10 x 7 662 page Survival fiction book.


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