Saturday, June 05, 2010


You should have gloves in your kit.
You should have gloves in ALL of your kits.

Two days ago I was doing some gardening in a patch that used to hold a large round bale of hay.
The horse ate and crapped there - repeatedly.
That was two years ago.
I fenced it off last year and planted corn in it.

This year I was at it again in the same spot except this time I am doing the Three Sisters – building mounds and planting corn, pole beans and squash in each little hill. As I was turning soil I came across some hay bale netting.
This stuff is very thin black plastic netting similar to bird netting.
It was in the ground, hampering my shovelling so I grabbed it and yanked....
It was firmly affixed to the ground by the grass roots and didn’t budge at all – but my skin did.

I could have probably used two or three stitches in the distal crease of my index finger.
That stuff cut like a knife.

I HAVE work gloves.
I have several pair.
I have leather gloves and hi-tech Mechanix gloves, and flight gloves, and grappling gloves, and….I wasn’t wearing any of them.
No good HAVING them if I don't USE them.....

I treated my wound with triple antibiotic ointment, a Band-Aid and tape.
Crossfit on Friday was interesting....
Digging in the garden again today was interesting...

It’s okay though - I have lots of hot water, soap, unlimited ointment, Band-Aids and tape - now. But this might not always be so. And besides – I am limited now in what I can and cannot do because of the cut. Our hands are very important. They will be even more important when we are dealing with some sort of emergency. Best to keep them safe.

One of my buddies, who is no softie, is very good about wearing gloves when doing anything - gardening, working on vehicles, moving boards, or rocks, or whatever. I have learned a lot of things from him – but apparently, I haven’t learned this lesson yet.

Wearing gloves - It's one of those things we need to do NOW if we plan on doing it post-TEOTWAWKI.

Got Gloves?
Use them?

And she put the skins of the kids of the goats upon his hands, and upon the smooth of his neck – Genesis 27:16

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At 5/6/10 17:57, Blogger Fester said...

Thats a very good point Joe. Today my nephew and I were doing some fence repair at my moms house. You guessed it, he cut his finger on fencing. It wasn't a deep cut and didn't slow us down. BUT... if we had been utilizing the gloves that I brought with me, he wouldn't have cut his hand.

At 14/6/10 09:30, Blogger Anji said...

I'm glad I've seen your post again. I couldn't help wondering if you've thought about tetanus shots too.

I usually find if I don't change into old clothes and put on gloves something always goes wrong when I'm gardening

At 25/6/10 07:05, Blogger Mother Hen said...

Joe, I just got your book yesterday. Haven't read much yet, just the intro and the first chapter. I'm interested in learning more. I see you don't blog here much. Can you recommend any blogs or other resources?

At 25/6/10 07:38, Blogger Joe said...

I used to try and blog every Saturday but I am just WAY too busy with the business, church, life, and trying to run High Prairie Acres.

You want MORE? (who doesn't?) - check out the forums - we have a great crew of Vikings and we discuss all manner of interesting topics:


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