Monday, February 19, 2007

Goat - it's what's for supper!

We raise milk and meat goats. I say that like I know what I’m talking about. We started raising goats not even a year ago and we initially purchased two pregnant Alpine does. These are milk goats. They had three kids between them – two males and a female. We sold the males and bought a Boer (meat goat) kid with the money. His name was Lightning. That's him up there.

Lightning was destined for supper the day we bought him. I like to teach classes so I invited the crew over for festivities this weekend. Yesterday, after church, we killed, cleaned, skinned and hung Lightning up to cool. I saved his hide and will try to tan it and then make something useful. Today we cooked goat in a variety of ways. Funny, we didn’t have many folks yesterday when we slaughtered the goat, but today we had 14 people over for supper!

We marinated most of the meat a variety of ways and we cooked a rear haunch on a spit over a fire, we made stew in a Dutch oven, my wife made curry and we also made shish-kebabs from the tenderloins. For the stew, we used corn meal from feed corn purchased at the local feed store that we ground in our Corona grain mill. It is made in South America just for grinding corn, it’s built like a tank, it cost less than thirty bucks and it works like a champ.

We sliced up the roast haunch and served it in pita bread with shredded lettuce and a yoghurt cucumber sauce my aspiring chef daughter whipped up. It was awesome.

Here is the truth – we didn’t know if we would like goat. So we figured we would cook it a bunch of different ways and invite a bunch of people over to share it with so there would be no leftovers.

The shish-kebabs were over done but other than that – it was all delicious! We have a little curry and stew left over but that’s it. We will eat that up for lunch tomorrow.

All in all it was a great time – good food and good friends – and the weather even cooperated.

Goat will be on the menu again in the future.

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At 19/2/07 17:54, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to hear, Joe. I've eaten goat, but it's been several years. We used to have a wild game supper at a local church. Granted, goat's not necessarily wild game, but just about every hairy mammal on the North American continent showed up on a plate.

Anyway, back to your goat: well done (pun intended)!

At 27/2/07 19:37, Blogger viridari said...

Mmmmmmm I haven't had goat meat in over a year. If you don't raise it yourself, it's not so easy to get a hold of. It's probably my second favorite meat, after elk. Goat is actually so good that I have seriously lost interest in beef since first trying it.

I'm moving to a new house this weekend with a proper pantry and a chest freezer. I'll be looking at the local goat farms to see if I can buy into half a goat or something to add to the chest freezer.


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