Saturday, December 23, 2006

Home Security

Ring, ring.

"Hello?” says I.

“Joe, you know anything about security alarms and stuff?” says an acquaintance of mine.

“Well, yeaaahhhhh….”

“I’m sending someone over to talk to you.”

Which is how a consult began with a young man who had just had a scary night. He lives in a duplex with his fiancée. The master bedroom has a set of sliding glass doors. About 2300 (11 p.m. for some of you) some BIG white dude is standing outside the glass apparently attempting to get in. The young man calls 911 and they tell him to leave the lights off “so as not to scare the perp away”. The young man complies, the cops come, the bad guy (BG) is nowhere to be found. The cops leave.

Some time later, yep, you got it – the BG returns and trys again. This time the homeowner turns on all the lights and the perp flees. Next morning he’s talking to me seeking options.

I quickly determine several things:

o He has no firearm in the house – he owns some, but his fiancée doesn’t like them.
o He has no dog – it’s not allowed by the lease.
o He doesn’t know his neighbors.
o He just moved to the neighborhood a few months ago and does not think he was personally targeted.
o He doesn’t have automatic (IR) exterior lighting.
o He has a good solid front door (only other entrance to the home).
o He has a basement with windows.
o His back yard is not fenced.

Here is what I advised him:

o Start the communication process right now with the fiancée – they need a gun in the house.
o Get firearms training for the fiancée – I recommended a female trainer who specializes in training women with “hang-ups” (my word, certainly not hers).
o Purchase or fabricate pins for the sliding glass door to keep it from being lifted from the track.
o Put bars over the basement widows.
o Install infrared activated lights on all four exterior corners.
o Install a DIY home security system that covers doors and window and has a panic alarm for the siren.
o Take a batch of Christmas cookies over to the neighbors, introduce yourself, and talk about the BG trying to get in.

Everyone should take basic security measures. Fences and dogs help a lot. They don’t even have to be big mean dogs. Just barky. Get good doors and windows and secure them properly. I highly recommend every adult American get trained in the proper use of firearms and then arm themselves. A 5’2’ female is not much of a match for the average male burglar. Train and arm her however, and she is very capable of defending herself.

A word of advice for those of you (male or female) who are dating or engaged – communicate with your potential mate and don’t compromise on the important stuff. Either convince them, change your mind, or look elsewhere for your “soul mate”. This includes views on children, money, occupation, religion, and yes – guns.

So, think it over. Talk it over. Make a plan. Follow through.

Stay safe – and have a Merry Christmas.


At 15/1/07 12:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good advice. One bit I would add to it is to keep low-key about the guns you own. Don't tell the neighbors, don't put NRA stickers on your car, don't put cutesy signs in the window bragging about how perps will be shot on sight.

Not only will these things make you more of a target (where do you think these goons get guns from? they steal them from good law-abiding folks), a prosecuting attorney with an axe to grind can use these things against you to build a character case against you that you've just been itching to shoot someone.

Also get educated over at the Box of Truth about the performance of different types of ammo in different guns and how they penetrate walls, doors, cars, etc. Don't believe the hype on the intarweb. See it with your own eyes and make an educated purchasing decision.


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