Monday, February 12, 2007

More on water

Viridari suggested using a large container at the church and I get it - I have several at home. I'm just approaching this with "baby steps" at the moment - the left over pop bottles are less threatening or different/strange. And, quite frankly, they are easier to use. Once we get to the point where we have a lot of bottles I think the switch will be painless. We will still have portable water though. Portable potable water.

As a general rule, clean water, placed into clean containers and kept out of sunlight never goes "bad". Even if it did grow algae or something, you would still have water and would then only have to concern yourself with purifying it. I probably change the water in my vehicles out about every 3 to 6 months (I'm not on a schedule or anything). I always taste it if I haven't already used it like on a campout, and it has always been fine. I also have bottles at home under the stairs and in closets - I have not changed them for a couple years and they are still fine.

Water is important - check out my "Rule of Threes" post below. We should all have access to water all the time. Heck, we make sure our pets have water - we should care for ourselves as well. Just a little bit of dehydration really changes your ability to function.

One of those water bladder companies has a saying, "Hydrate or Die!".
Yeah, it's like that.

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