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I mentioned in an early post that “two is one and one is none” and that generated some questions. The phrase as far as I know originated with the Navy SEALs but I could be wrong there. It basically means that you need back ups and that if you have only one of something, you cannot count on it since it could break, be lost, etc.

Another related concept is PACE. This stands for Primary, Alternate, Contingency, Emergency and is a method of planning.

One example would be communications with your spouse in time of emergency. Your primary method could be land-line telephone – just hit the speed dial. An alternate method might be cellular phone. A contingency method could be a 2-meter hand held radio you both carry and an emergency method could be human to human – get in your car and drive to a link up point.

Another example could be purifying water. Maybe your primary method is a Big Berkey filter, your alternate is a Katadyn water filter, contingency would be water purification tablets and your emergency would be boiling it for five minutes.

You will note that each communications or water purification means is distinctly different. If one fails, another could very well work. Another vitally important part of PACE planning is that all interested parties need to know the plan and be equipped to execute it.

You should apply PACE planning to all of your vital preparedness areas. These could include evacuation routes and means, food supply, cooking, defense, fire starting, link up points and so on. The list is endless.

You will also notice as you start applying this concept that things may get cumbersome. That can be true. Sometimes you may have to assume risk – maybe you can only realistically come up with a Primary and an Alternate plan. Maybe. If that’s the case, okay – you’ll have to deal with it.

What does PACE planning ultimately provide?


See, Murphy has friends. He rarely shows up alone. Just when you think things couldn’t possibly get any worse – you realize what a silly optimist you were. Plan A will many times fly right out the window followed closely by Plan B.

Give yourself options.
Plan a variety of response options.
Remain flexible.

Discover PACE.

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Never heard this before, Joe. Thanks a bunch for taking the time to post it.


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