Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Babies

Well, Spring has certainly sprung here at High Prairie Acres. We have been blessed with a whole bunch of babies – eight rabbits and six goatlings. They are all hopping, eating, drinking and making messes. They are all adorable.

I’ve been working slowly and unsteadily on an addition to the barn. It’s basically a lean-to shed I am building on the side of the barn and it also houses (or eventually will house) the goat milking room, a goat nursery, a goat equipment storage space, and a catch all space in addition to the “meat factory” which is what I have named the rabbitry. It’s 16’ by 32 ‘ and work goes slowly. As for the meat factory, I have one cage for each adult rabbit – Fritz, Helga, and Ingrid and an additional cage I bought so that Ingrid could have her babies inside the house since her first two litters basically froze to death. She is my one rabbit that sprays when she urinates and lets just say our spare room was not suitable for human occupation for a while. The bunnies are now out in the rabbitry and the guest room in the house has been deconned so all is well.

Ingrid’s bunnies (kits) are now a month old and Helga is due to deliver (kindle) in a week. I have already pre-sold two of the babies and will probably sell the rest of Ingrid’s at a local joint that sells bunnies for Easter. Actually, they sell cages and feed and assorted rabbit toys – but they need bunnies to close the deal. We will likely end up eating Helga’s litter. Rabbit curry Thai-style – yum, yum.

We have four adult goats in our herd since we gave away our stinky buck. Between the four of them we had six kids. The white ones are Boer/Alpine crosses and came from our best milker. The rest are either Alpine/Alpine or Boer/Alpine and range in color from brown to black. We are bottle feeding 3 of them because it makes them easier to handle and gives us more milk from the mammas. The does get milked twice a day (except for our one Boer cross who we don’t milk) and the kids get bottle fed 4 times a day. So we are busy. Well, to be honest – my wife is busy.

The kids have all been sold but we will keep them until they are eight weeks old and then wean them. We banded two of the males to make them whethers and we have sold the two white ones as Billies.

Okay that’s it – no big words of wisdom. I just wanted to share a bit.

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At 5/4/09 19:15, Blogger Humble wife said...

How exciting! On my farm we have been as blessed also...

What are you using as bottles? We ended up using a baby bottle to help feed the triplets, and one of the look like you are using regular glass bottles!


At 6/4/09 04:44, Blogger Joe said...

We are using old beer bottles with lamb nipples over the top. They clean up well and are free.


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