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God bless you, Jeanne Assam

I originally wrote this entry last Tuesday morning. Just as I was getting ready to post it – the power went out. It has been out for three and a half days and just came back on. I will probably write about our experiences during the blackout at a later time. For now, I would like to pay tribute to a great American.

Today I want to write about an American heroine – Jeanne Assam. A good Christian woman, former police officer and currently just an American citizen with a CCW (concealed carry permit) who stepped up to the plate when she was needed. She should be held up to school children across the land as a role model to emulate.

The Situation
Some scumbag decided he didn’t like Christians. On Saturday night, he killed two people at a missionary training center in Arvada, Colorado. Evidently, this center was linked somehow to the New Life Church, some 70 miles away in Colorado Springs. Someone (reportedly Jeanne Assam) recommended to the pastor that “security be increased” at New Life. Now, New Life Church is one of those “mega churches” and is spread out over a “campus”. There were evidently about 7,000 souls “at church” at the time of the shootings.

Sure enough, the same evil-indwelt creature showed up and started shooting folks at New Life. He was dressed all in black with a black trench coat (what is it with these losers?) In the parking lot he killed two teen-aged sisters Stephanie and Rachael Works and wounded their father and several others. He then stepped into the church and continued shooting. He was apparently armed with an AR-15 type rifle, “thousands of rounds of ammunition” and some smoke grenades. He obviously wanted to kill a lot of people. He was capable of doing so. By the time any police could have arrived on the scene there could have been tens of people dead and dying.

The Solution
Imagine the pandemonium. Multiple shots fired. People are running away from the shooter screaming, fearful for their lives. Some lay wounded, some lay dead, and others lay dying. And one person - one tiny woman, ran towards the sound of the guns.

From some sources at the scene and news reports I am hearing - she very calmly shot the evil-one to the ground using a 9mm Beretta. I am also hearing that she was advancing the entire time she was engaging the murderer and fired over 10 times. I am also hearing she “Mozambiqued” him. May God richly bless her for saving lives.

Assam said she was relying on God to guide her and to protect her. Yes!

The Spin
The media, being a large part of the problem, don’t want the sheeple learning the wrong (correct) lessons from this affair. They are continuously referring to Jeanne Assam as “Security” or a “Security Team”. Some even refer to her as “hired security.” They constantly refer to her as a former police woman. They throw the term “licensed” around trying to get people to picture some type of TSA organization.

The Truth

This was a civilian woman with a gun and a permit to carry it. The same permit most of you can legally obtain in your state. She volunteered to act as security for one service after she attended another. She was an “every day woman”.

Evidently, some of the congregation volunteered to serve as “security”. Some of them had CCWs and were armed – yes, in church. Also evidently, this church had some type of security plan. They actually thought ahead and considered what could happen and what to do when those things did happen. God bless them for it.

Another thing I’m hearing/reading: Some of the armed security would not fire on the evil one. One man evidently shouted at an armed person to “give me your gun” so he could shoot the bad guy.

The Lessons
I hope you take some things away from this situation. I hope you sit down and think it through while you are calm, well rested, and under no stress. I hope you take some positive action.

In a shooting of this type, whether it is in a church, in a school, in a mall or on the street – the police are not going to save you. They will respond much too late to have any real effect.

It is up to you. Personal responsibility. You are responsible for your safety and the safety of your loved ones. Get used to it.

You should carry a gun. Carry your own gun. You should be well trained in its use. You should be mentally prepared to use it. Evidently, some gun toters in this situation were not ready to take the final, necessary action.

Your organization should have plans to deal with emergencies. This particular incident is a good one to discuss and prepare for. Your organization should also have medical plans in place. These plans require forethought, preparation, supplies, dissemination of information, and rehearsals/practice.

Establishing “gun free zone” whether at schools, churches or wherever are just like putting up large neon signs that say – “Come shoot us, come take advantage of us – we are all unarmed”. Guess what? Criminals don’t obey laws – it’s why they are criminals. They don’t care what the “rules” are.

You don’t have to be some 6’3” 230 pound Alpha-male to make a difference. A small woman, properly armed and trained, has the capability to stop attackers cold.

That is what Jeanne Assam did. The entire nation should thank her for her selfless service, for her initiative, for her making the effort, for her responsibility, for her love of her fellow man.

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
- Philippeans 4:13

God bless you, Jeanne Assam.

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At 15/12/07 10:48, Blogger Lolly said...


Thanks for the thoughts. We are in fact living in a strange time for the United States. As a Christian, I can live in comfort knowing that my soul rests comfortably in Our Lord's hands. I fear not the one who can take my body but the one who can take my soul also. With that being said, Satan is out to hurt God by taking as many souls away from him as he possibly can. The events over the past few years of church shootings will in my humble estimation continue as anti-Christian grow. I feel the definite need for people to arm themselves and carry during the assembly. There are still a lot of sheeple that will believe the media bias and frown upon the carrying of personal defense weapons in church. The time is now for Christians to be tough and get busy doing God's will. We may face hard times here in the near future and maybe as bad as the early churches located in the five provinces of Asia where persecution of the Saints were very high especially in Bythinia. We can take comfort in the Apostle Peter's writing to those churches in 1&2 Peter. Let us be strong and fight as God would have us. God Bless this Christian Nation. Thanks for your work Joe. God Bless!

At 19/12/07 16:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is one of your best posts ever.
Great commentary.

Keep on keepin' on..

At 20/12/07 16:45, Blogger Joe said...

Bryan sent me an email with (in part) this:

I just read your post about Jeanne Assam. I attend new life church and know Jeanne. She is truly a hero. I just wanted to respond to what you heard about the other security guards not taking a shot at the shooter. None of the other team members ever had the opportunity. Jeanne took out the shooter within 30 yards of entering the building. (All of the casualties were outside in the parking lot) She was the only person in the vicinity when she took him out. They didn’t take a shot because they didn’t have the opportunity, not because they were afraid or hesitated. ... All of our security volunteers did exactly what they needed to do that day, and (I believe) none of them would have hesitated to take this guy out. I just wanted to clear that up.



At 17/2/08 11:12, Blogger Frazer said...

I never heard of this, but it reinforces my feelings that in Canada we should have a similar program to the American CCW. What happens in the USA can happen here and likely will. I don't like having to rely on the police. I plan on taking self defense classes for hand to hand combat, I hear a mini mag can be used as a effective weapon. The thing is my spyderco or mini mag won't stop a gunman. I love this quote and it rings so true "when seconds count, the police are minutes away" The Police are not everywhere nor can they be, it is up to individual citizens to prepare themselves and their families for anything...Freedom comes at a price, so does your lives, you cannot be unprepared or you are among the first dead.


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