Thursday, July 28, 2011

I am noticing a trend.
I’m seeing it on the internet, hearing it on the radio, hearing about it on TV (I don’t have one) and hearing it “around the water cooler”.

It is a disturbing trend and it is dark:

Wake up!

We are being played

"Amp up the noise, AMP UP THE NOISE!"
An anxious populace, a scared populace, a FEARFUL populace ... is a CONTROLABLE populace.

Those are all negative emotions.
They prevent clear thinking.
They lead folks to want to herd together - go with the running herd - RUN!

Keep the anxiety up long enough and people will agree to almost anything to get relief.
Which is exactly the point.

Don't fall for it.
We often confuse "trying to stay aware and abreast" with "disaster masturbation".

May I suggest unplugging from the NET a bit (internet, radio, TV, crass consumerism in all its forms).
Hug your babies, take a walk in nature, take a nap, read a good book - read The Good Book.

Then (only then, after you have cleared your head a bit)
Take some POSITIVE steps.

Work on your garden - if you don't have one - get a fall garden ready.
Work on physical fitness - take a walk or a swim or a bike ride, or a run; do some stretching, yoga, pushups, weights – SWEAT!
Fix up the place - make those small repairs, pick up, clean up.
Have a barbeque - invite some folks over.
Do something nice for your neighbour.
Praise and thank God for your blessings.
Look into the eyes of your loved ones and appreciate them.
Consider stocking up on some groceries.

DO stuff
Don't fret about what you cannot control - you cannot control what the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati, the Iranians, the Russians or even the cops in the next town - do. So quit spending so much mental energy on it.

You cannot control what your congresscritters are going to do. (so why did I write my three? Because I'm not perfect either)
You cannot control the weather.
You cannot control comets and asteroids and coronal mass ejections and "global warming".
You cannot control our economy.

But you CAN do things to square you and yours away.
Do those things.
In love.

No Fear!

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. – 2 Timothy 1:7

If you have any comments I’d love to hear them.
If they really interest me, I may even post them.
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At 28/7/11 16:20, Blogger Gorges Smythe said...

It's not exactly fear on my part, since I'm a Christian. It's more what I'd call a healthy distrust of darn near everyone, including many so-called Christians. (I'm sure some folks will feel that I need psychiatric treatment now!)

At 23/8/11 10:43, Blogger bakerboi said...

Awesome, I needed that.

At 28/1/12 03:30, Blogger Alviti said...

Good thoughts, to go with the flock isn't the best idea. Good bit of motivation, As I sit here hugging my baby!


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