Monday, November 17, 2008

Technical Difficulties

We are experiencing technical difficulties on the main site and the forums. They will likely be down for a couple days. Like life in general, problems don't show up alone - we are dealing with a couple issues simultaneously. Fear not - we are on it.



At 23/11/08 19:44, Blogger Joltbunny said...

hmm..stumbled here through NDE... just wondering if you know the fella in the picture?
Regards from denmark

At 24/11/08 04:44, Blogger Joe said...

Ja, of COURSE I do.
It's Holger Danske.

At 25/11/08 01:20, Blogger Joltbunny said...

I was curious.. It's not everyday i see a symbol of Danish myth/folklore pop-up on the net. Nice one and
selv tak


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